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Flower Wall Rentals: 7 Tips for a Stunning Display

Are you looking to add a statement piece to your next event? Look no further!

Flower walls are beautiful pieces of decor that can be easily included in any event and can be customizable to fit any colour scheme. As seen on social media, flower walls have been a very popular trend as they create a focal point. We assure you that your guests will flock towards the flower wall to get their best photographs and selfies. The lovely part about this is that we can bring the beautiful backdrop to you wherever you are. The good news is, you don't have to spend outrageous amounts of money on the perfect venue to host your baby shower, bridal shower or even wedding in order to capture great photographs. Set up somewhere simple, add beautiful decor!

To get the most out of your flower wall, follow these tips:

Plan ahead: Give yourself enough time to research and plan the flower wall. Consider the size, shape, and colour scheme you want. Reserve flower wall ideally 3-4 months in advance as they are in high demand.

Consider the location: Where you place the flower wall is just as important as what it looks like. Think about the lighting, the background, and the orientation of the wall to ensure the best possible photos and view for your guests.

Don't forget the finishing touches: The little details can make a big impact. Add fairy lights, candles, balloons or other décor elements to enhance the overall look of the wall.

Use as a photobooth: set up a ring light and an Iphone so guests can take photographs

Add personal touches: Make the flower wall unique to you by incorporating personal touches such as a custom monogram, initials, or special quotes. You can even add a special message or hashtag for your guests to share on social media.

Make it 10ft: Our flower walls are 8 ft x 8ft, if you're looking for something a little larger, add drapery to either side making it 10 ft wide!

Make the most of it: Use the flower wall as a backdrop behind a dessert table or a sweetheart table. After dinner, move the table aside so guests can use it as a photobooth

In conclusion, a flower wall can add a touch of elegance and beauty to any wedding. By following these tips, you can create a stunning flower wall that will be a memorable part of your special day.

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These walls are stunning!


Great ideas!

Marlee Myck
Marlee Myck
Feb 12, 2023
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